Rich Media

This includes a wide variety of technology-driven advertisements. Rich media includes expandable ads, site overlays, floating ads, takeovers, backgrounds, cursor ads and audio ads. These high-impact marketing vehicles can provide an exciting new way of driving new customers to your products.

NOTE: All expandable ads must have the close/collapse button be located at the top right of the creative.

1) Expandable Leaderboard

728×90 banner that on roll-over expands to 728×315



2) Expandable Medium Rectangle

300×250 banner that on roll-over expands to 600×250


 3) Overlay

Also called Page-Take-Over, it appears “over” the site content.



4) Pushup Leaderboard

Either a 970×90 or 728×90 that slides up from the bottom of the browser window and stays in position while user scrolls.