Enewsletter Ad Specifications

Allowed File Types

  • JPG
  • GIF
  • NOTE: Flash / SWF ads are not supported on enewsletters.


  • Maximum Animation length: 15 seconds
  • Max Loops: 4
  • NOTE: Animated GIFs are not supported in some email readers (MS Outlook). Those users will only see the FIRST FRAME of the animated GIF banner. We recommend that you design your first frame to show everything that you’d want them to see on your banner. Set the first frame to display for 0ms so the animation will appear correctly.

Max File Sizes

  • 30KB: 125×125, 120×240
  • 40KB: All other sizes

3rd Party Serving / Reporting for E-Newsletter Ads

  • Image must be hosted with 3rd party
  • Provide standard tag as the creative for the campaign
  • 1×1 trackers, JavaScript tags, and iframes are not accepted

Banner + Text Ad

  • Image: 468×60, 468×120 GIF/JPG (see Banner Ad specs above)
  • Text: Maximum 200 characters (including spaces)

Text Ad

  • Headline: 50 characters max
  • Teaser text: 300 characters max
  • Image: 100×80