Ad Guidelines

Banner Ads

Samples | Guidelines for Effective Ad Design | Maximum File Sizes

Accepted formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, HTML5

3rd Party Served Creative

Access to 3rd party metrics
To ensure accurate and timely billing, Agency must grant access for applicable third party reporting to on or before the start of each placement. If such access is not available, provide daily reports for the first three (3) days of the placement and weekly placement-level activity reports to Bobit Business Media thereafter.

If the access provided to Bobit Business Media is not granted or inaccessible, or if Agency fails to deliver the reports required above, Bobit Business Media may choose to bill off of its ad server or cancel the campaign with no penalty to Bobit Business Media or its partners.


  • Size Limit: 200KB
  • Max Polite Download: 2.2MB
  • Video/Audio: On user click
  • Border: 1px
  • Maximum Animation length: 15 seconds
  • NOTE: Must be 3rd party served.


  • Size Limit: 40KB
  • Leaderboard: 728×90
  • Wide Leaderboard: 970×60
  • Full Banner: 468×60
  • Medium Rectangle: 300×250
  • Square Pop-Up: 250×250
  • Small Square: 125×125
  • Small Rectangle: 150×315
  • Skyscraper: 160×600
  • Wide Skyscraper: 300×600

Mobile Banners

  • Displayed Dimensions: 320×50, 320×100, 300×250
  • File Types: JPG, GIF, PNG, HTML5 (see specs above)

Note: To accommodate retina (high pixel density) mobile displays, 2 versions of each creative should be supplied:

  • 320×50 → 640×100
  • 320×100 → 640×200
  • 300×250 → 600×500
  • 320×480 → 640×960

Rich Media

NOTE: All expandable ads must have the close/collapse button be located at the top right of the creative.


1000×66 Expandable Ad (

Initial Load

Dimension: 1000×66 pixels
Max File Size: 40KB
Include “Click to Expand” CTA

Expanded (User-initiated)

Dimension: 1000×415 pixels
Max File Size: 100KB
Do not include close button – will be added by publisher


970×66 Expandable Ad

Initial Load

Dimension: 970×66 pixels
Max File Size: 40KB

Expanded (User-initiated)

Dimension: 970×418 pixels
Max File Size: 100KB


728×90 Expandable Ad

Initial Load

Dimension: 728×90 pixels
Max File Size: 40KB

Expanded (User-initiated)

Dimension: 728×315 pixels
Max File Size: 100KB
For top placement, it must expand downward.
For bottom placement, it must expand upward.


300×250 Expandable Ad

Initial Load

Dimension: 300×250 pixels
Max File Size: 40KB

Expanded (User-initiated)

Dimension: 600×250 pixels
Max File Size: 100KB
For right-hand side placement, it must expand left.
For center or left-hand side placement, it must expand right.


Pushup Leaderboard

Banner Size Option 1

Dimension: 728×90 pixels
Max File Size: 40KB

Banner Size Option 2

Dimension: 970×90 pixels (IAB Super Leaderboard)
Max File Size: 40KB



Dimension: 640×480 pixels
Dimensions for mobile: 320×416 pixels
Max file size: 100KB
Maximum animation length: 15 seconds
The ad will be center-aligned on the page.

Photo Gallery Ad Unit


Dimension: 640×480 pixels
Max file size: 100KB
The ad is center-aligned on the page and will display between photos as the user advances through them.

Page Peel


Dogear (Graphic ‘Curl’ in corner before rolling over page peel)
Dimension: 500×500 pixels – Only top right 100×100 pixels area visible – example
File format: GIF or JPG only, no animated GIF
Max file size: 100KB

Large Image

Dimension: 500×500 pixels – example
File format: GIF or JPG only, no animated GIF
Max file size: 100KB

Other specifications that apply to both dogear & page peel: For GIF or JPG

  • Color Mode: RGB
  • Resolution: 72 dpi
  • Optimization: Standard Optimization (no progressive scan)




16:9 Wide Format (preferred): 576 x 324 pixels
4:3 Standard Format: 432 x 324 pixels

Accepted Formats:

The videos will ultimately be converted to Flash video (FLV).
Min Bitrate: 512Kbps
Max (Recommended) Bitrate: 1,000Kbps
Video duration: Maximum 30 seconds


Roadblocks consist of: 728×90 Leaderboard on top,
300×250 Medium Rectangle on the right-hand side above the fold, and (optional)
300×600 Half Page Ad on the right-hand side below the fold

Each banner ad must meet the requirements specified under Banner Ads

Sponsored Links

Headline: Maximum 35 characters (including spaces)
Description: Maximum 140 characters (including spaces)

Site Skin


      • Dimensions: 1600×1200
      • File Size: 200kb
      • File Type: Static Image (jpg, gif, png)

See a live test of how the Skin Ad is visible on different monitor sizes here.


*Note: For dimensions should be 1700×1200 with 1100px center blank*

Guidelines for Designing Effective Banner Ads

When creating a web banner ad, it is important to look at it from the perspective of the viewers (or your potential customers).

      1. KEEP THE FILE SIZE TO A MINIMUM Smaller files load faster and it increases the chance of being seen by visitors.
      2. INCLUDE GOOD COPY Use of graphical elements is good, however, it’s the copy that triggers people to find out more about your product. For a good copy: KEEP IT SHORT. KEEP IT SIMPLE.You want visitors to look at your ad, get interested, and click on it, then find out more info about your product on your Web site (preferably on a relevant landing page on your site).Don’t try to fit all the benefits of your product into that small space.TIP: Use an eye-catching hook. Think “headline”. Headlines are what trigger people to read the story. Emphasize the benefits of your products more than the features of your products.
      3. USE A CALL-TO-ACTION By using a Call-to-Action graphic or text you make it very clear to the visitor what you want them to do.For example: For More Information; Download Info Now; Click Here to Purchase
      4. ANIMATED GIFs Avoid using photos and photo-like images on animated GIFs. Because of how GIFs work, the photos won’t look as nice and it will just make the file size huge. You will most likely be limited to having just one or two frames for the banner given the file size limits. Animated GIFs are also not compatible with most desktop email readers so users would only see the first frame. Therefore, if GIF must be used as banner ad on enewsletter the first frame should include the call to action.
      5. LINK TO CAMPAIGN SPECIFIC LANDING PAGE When people click on the banner, they should be presented with the relevant campaign or information immediately. They do not want to go to your homepage and be forced to hunt for the information that may exist on another page of your site.

Maximum File Sizes

    • HTML5: 200 KB
    • Mobile Banners: 40 KB
    • Expandable Ad Initial Load: 40 KB
    • Expandable Ad Expanded: 100 KB
    • Pushup Leaderboard: 40 KB
    • Prestitials: 100 KB
    • Photo Gallery Ad Unit: 100 KB
    • Page Peels: 100 KB
    • Banner Ads: 250 KB